Hi, my name is Marta Tapia.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to my site. You are about to see some of my creative work. Hope you like it as much is I do. Let's go.


So, I'm basically an illustrator.

Let me explain myself.

Check out my favorite drawings below.

I have a degree in Business Management, but I have been learning how to draw over the last 20 years. My illustrations came along with me all my life, so I decided to turn it into something professional.


I love animation. I am obsessed with it. That's why I have recently introduced myself into this amazing world.

I also love bringing them to life


But hey! Don't stop there.

I'm also a graphic designer. 

After finishing my studies, in 2018 I finally realised that creativity was my strength, so I started a Master in Branding and Packaging design in Barcelona.


Here are some of my branding projects.


Yes, some photography skills too.

This is one of my most recent activities, I absolutely love it and want to learn much more about it.


El Món del Gos 


Almost forgot!

I'm the creator of the famous IG account @arteconeme.

This is my little spot where I post random humoristic illustrations in order to make people laugh, and... mission accomplished!


More than 150.000 users are members of this beautiful community that we've created.

You can also visit my online shop with Arte con M merch ;)


Did you like it? Tell me about it!

You can get in touch with me to start a new project together or just to have a little chat. I'd love to hear from you! 


Thank you for visiting