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My name is Marta Tapia, freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


I am currently working on managing two e-commerce including the creation of social media content and their corresponding online marketing. In addition, I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer and have been doing projects on my own for two years.


· Digital illustration

· Social media planning
· Branding (brand visual identity)
· Photography and photo editing


What kind of projects can I be useful for?

· Logo design
· Corporative social media managing
· Webs and apps illustrations
· Art direction
· Product photography
· Banner design
· Flyer design
· Website design 
· Content creation in digital platforms


All kind of creative projects related to art direction, both in photography and graphic design. As I show with my previous projects, I can carry out brand identity creation projects with all that this includes. 


Online marketing and social media planning: from my experience I can define the paths to follow to have a successful relationship with your community.